Providing everyone with access to clean drinking water is an ambitious goal. Inflotec has set itself exactly this goal. With the help of a dedicated team and reliable companions we create the necessary structures – for us and for the society in which we live together.

Supported by the European Union and the state of Saxony-Anhalt through programmes for the expansion and further development of innovative business ideas, Inflotec is on its way from Magdeburg in Germany to a globally operating company.

Experimental research in the university environment to increase the efficiency of undershot water wheels resulted in the discovery that … . Why not focus on the treatment of drinking water instead of the generation of electric current? Since then, hydropower based autonomous supply systems (WAVER) have opened up numerous business areas for Inflotec.


Our innovative solution catapulted Inflotec with the necessary acceleration into the pole position of the spin-offs in Saxony-Anhalt and resulted in great media attention even before the actual foundation of the company. First prize at Saxony-Anhalt’s design award Bestform Award 2017, award for cultural and creative pilot in 2018 and part of the state campaign #moderndenken on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus are examples for the far-reaching social importance of the project and the good feeling to make exactly the right decisions.

The Team

Martin Drewes, M.Sc

Martin Drewes, M.Sc.,
Development manager

"During my foreign missions with the German Armed Forces, I have felt first-hand how difficult access to fresh and sufficient drinking water can be."

Martina Findling, M.A.,

Martina Findling, M.A.,
Marketing and distribution

"The drinking water market is very competitive. However, there are sufficient fields of application for our plants. The aim is to keep our product range as diverse as possible so that we can enter different market segments."